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The poultry industry of South Africa is of huge importance for both the economy

and communities in the Country.

With the consistent shortage of supply, the demand for poultry products in South

Africa is in huge demand. Communities all over South Africa are battling to meet

the demand and are continuously implementing growth strategies to satisfy the


Bierman Agri SA supplies all the necessary Paultry Farming Equipment for farmers to start or grow their poultry farms.

Our consistent supply of good services and the product has led us to become one

of the leaders in the market.

Join the Bierman Agri Team and become the farmer you always wished to be

Bierman Agri Offers A Wide

Range Of Poultry Services


From Small To Medium Farmers

Different size is available to suit your

required needs

  • Broiler Combo
  • Layer Combo



  • Design Plan For5000x Chickens
  • Design Plan For 20 000x Chickens
  • Design Plan For 25 000x Chickens
  • Design Plan For 30 000x Chickens


Tailor Automated Systems that Increases

The Predictability Of Your Poultry Yield


Bierman Agri Offers Wide Range Of Feeding Solutions

  • Feed Bins
  • Loading Augers
  • Auger Lines


Bierman Agri provides layer and broiler house construction and installations to all poultry farmers across South Africa. We want to help improve poultry farms to reach the highest level of productivity.

We offer a wide range of poultry services and products to best meet your needs. If you require a poultry house, poultry feed, poultry

equipment, complete poultry combos or chickens, you are at the right place.

Some Feedback from our Eggs-isting clients

“Received excellent service from Bierman Agri. I needed to expand

my chicken farm and they delivered on their services”

Daan Botha


“Received excellent service from Bierman Agri. I needed to expand

my chicken farm and they delivered on their services”

Daan Botha


The Benefits of Starting a Poultry Farm Business

They are cheaper compared to other birds and are easy to raise compared to livestock such as cattle or pigs. Poultry farming is the establishment that breeds chickens for commercial purposes to produce meat, feathers and eggs. Chickens are the most popular type of poultry in the world, especially for the harvesting of eggs and meat they produce.

Poultry farming is profitable

Poultry farming is competitive

Poultry farming is expandable

There is a great demand for poultry farmers

When you think poultry

we want you to think

Bierman Agri SA!

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