Design Plan for 5000 Chickens

Are you thinking about starting a chicken farm? If so, you’ll need a chicken house that is both functional and economical.

Our Design Plan For 5000 Chicken House fits that bill perfectly.

5000 Design Plan

For Chicken House

  • Cage Type: A-type 4 Tier, 5 Dor, 160 Birds Units
  • Chicken Cage layout: 2 Rows, 16 units per row total of 32 sets
  • Size of Chicken house: 35M x 8M x 3.5M
  • Total Capacity 5120

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This design plan is based on engineering and scientific principles, ensuring that your chicken house will be efficient and productive.

The design takes into account the appropriate breed of chicken and the location of your farm, ensuring that your chickens will be healthy and happy.

The 5000 Chicken House is perfect for those who want to start a small- scale operation. It’s also affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget.